Cpt Ron and 1st Mate Nina are truly masters of their craft. More than that they are gracious hosts on board their vessel. They are eminently knowledgeable about the fish, the water and pretty much everything else you can think of to ask. They go to great lengths to be accommodating to whatever it is you want to experience. My brother in law Casey booked a trip with Ron and Nina for the guys in the wedding party. It was pretty obvious right away he had picked a great fishing charter. They set us up with some light tackle rigs and showed us the ropes. They weren’t interested in just hooking up with a fish and passing off the rod, they truly wanted to teach us how to fish, how to work them in, how each fish behaved differently and how to adjust. We wore out the smaller bait sized fish and after the cooler was filled with future filets, went on to a sunken plane wreck to catch the big fish. Everyone got to fight a large amberjack and we even hooked up with a couple bull sharks. Nina and Ron worked as a team the entire time to keep us on the fish, on our toes, and give us hell when we deserved it. They will ensure you have a great day on their boat with plenty of fish and plenty of good natured laughs. And hey if you hypothetically go a little too hard the night before and get a bit seasick who’s to say you can’t fight through it, catch some fish and still have a great time between booting sessions? Our experience was great but maybe my favorite part was getting to chat with Ron while he was cleaning the fish for us to take. He is a genuinely nice guy and you can tell he loves what he does and takes pride in it. It was clear everyone who passed by not only knew but respected Ron, and they all had some witty banter to exchange which kept me entertained, including the fish and wildlife enforcement officers. Great day guys, thanks for everything. If I find myself back in Key West you can bet I’ll be back on your boat.