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Lost my blog but I’m back!

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Hello to all. Blog went missing and I couldn’t find the damn thing. Thanks to our new friends at Coral head adventures were back! Teri and Chance have joined out team to take clients out to learn the art of spear fishing. They also do sunset and beach trips. Check out there web site at I’ll be back to give you an up date when I’m not fishing. Remember to sharpen your hooks.

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Wesson Cory LeDuc…….:)

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He’s here and he’s awesome! Born March 3rd at 11 am my new grand baby Wesson. All is well in the world. Check him out on my FB page.

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Best February ever!

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Hey Folks, Hope all is well in the north. Its March 3rd and very cold by Key west standards, 59 deg. The sun is trying to come out and the rain is headed offshore. This whole week the weather has been strangely different, rain, cloudy, and cold but it’ll soon be back to normal temps in the 8o’s. As i write this blog my daughter in law and son are in the hospital giving birth to our 5th grand baby….. Wow, yes i said 5th. They don’t really know the gender but were thinking boy, his name will be Wesson, if  its a girl she’ll be lyla or maren. Wishing them an easy labor and a healthy baby. The last week has been an awesome time here in Key West, my grand kids are in town. Nina and i have been busy entertaining, swimming, fishing and just messing around. What fun its been watching both Lucy and Will catch fish and learning the cool things the ocean has to offer. February has been super busy on the Blue Eyed Trader with almost double the amount of trips over last year, and March is shaping up the same. I know i have been worried about the economy as we all are, but i think people need to get out and have some fun, so keep em coming!  As far as the ”catching”  well it’s been tough going!!  The ocean current and wind keep me on my toes, if they are opposing it’s ”hell to pay” But I have learn enough tricks to work around it and still catch  fish. We have managed to have some nice catches with big Mutton and Cubera Snapper at the top of the list. As spring arrives we are waiting patiently for the Sailfish amongst others to arrive. Spring can be the best time for fishing here, a little windy but still a great time to come and fish.The Mutton Snapper and the Permit start to spawn and gather around the wrecks making them a bit easier to catch. As April arrives the Mahi will start to show offshore, some of the biggest fish of the year can be caught at this time . Thats about it for now, I’ll keep you in the loop as to a boy or girl, or check it out on FB on the Blue Eyed Trader charter page. Tight lines and remember to sharpen your hooks!

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Blue Eyed Trader update.

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Hey folks. Just a quick update on the fishing scene. The weather here in Key West has been super for beach going  but its a bit different for us fishermen. Normal winter conditions would be a cold front moving through every couple of days, this moves the bait and the pelagic fish we love so well, ie, Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna. This winter the cold fronts are stalling up in northern Florida so the bite has been a bit slower than were used to. With that said, I did catch a Sailfish last week and hooked a nice Mahi but lost it to the anchor line. I have had a good bunch of people aboard, some great folks from Vt. came out with us and had a nice time catching Snapper and finished the day with the Sailfish. We got to watch the Sail feed right behind the boat, an awesome site to see. My good friend Brian P, was aboard and we caught a mess of Mutton Snapper in the 10lb range, these fish are so much fun to catch and make great table fare. The first stop that day was a wreck in 150 feet, I anchored it and tried for a Tuna bite, which never materialized, but the Yellow tail snapper were everywhere unfortunately the Barricuda were cutting them in half as we tried to bring them in. We did land a couple of Cuda in the 20lb range. I’ll tell ya even though this winter has been a bit warm the fishing is still great so hurry down and get into some light tackle action. Nina is still working the cockpit and doing a wonderful job!  When she’s working her other job, my Brother Bob is helping mate, he is a good fishermen and will make sure your day is productive and fun. If you can’t make it down, check out the action on my FB page Blue Eyed Trader. Until next time be safe.

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Hello all. Wishing all a happy new year, may everyone be happy and healthy. So far this start of our season has been a bit different. The web site visits are down by half?  The pre booking is way down? The up side is I have been busy for the holiday, fished 10 trips since Christmas compared to 20 straight days the last 2 years. Will just have to see what happens. The fishing started out tough with no current and plenty of wind, but once again the fishing gods have been good to me. We have been boating some nice Blackfin Tuna, a few Mahi, and lots of Snapper. I have had fun with all the kids aboard learning the ropes on angling, I love to teach them the tricks of the trade. Thanks to all who have help us keep the Blue Eyed Trader afloat, and thanks for all the trip advisor reviews, still # 1!!!  If you are in the Keys give me a shout and we’ll go ”catch em up”  Happy New year all.

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November to remember.

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November 18th. From the blog Of Captain Ron. Hello and welcome to Wow!  The holiday’s are here, where did the year go? Has this been a crazy year in the world or what?   As Bobby D said” The times they are a changing”. I can not believe” that election”, I think is was one that everyone was on the edge of there seats, the biggest election of my life. I have never paid so much attention to the issues or learned so much about this country’s government. I’m not impressed with the greed and the lying that goe’s down!  Yes from both side’s, it’s like high school drama. Then there’s the Media, Wow!  Need i say more.  I am glad it’s over, lets just hope FORWARD works!  As of now the charter’s are coming in, but a bit slow. With Sandy, the election,and the state of the economy this could be a slow year. I hope all that were effected by the storm recover quickly and things return to normal  as soon as can be. Life is funny, things just keep on cranking by, with friends getting married, friends losing best friends, babies being born,  it’s never ending. I hope all your news is good news. The weather so far this fall, seems a bit cooler, the wind is here in full force, this can effect fishing charters. Some people tend to get sick when it’s rough, but no fear, we have ways of making it work in our favor so no worrie’s, a fun day on the boat is waiting for you. Fishing Florida Keys style!  If you have never been to the Keys, it’s time. Winter is a great time to visit here as the average temperature is 78 deg. The fishing can be awesome with Grouper and Mutton snapper moving in shore. The offshore is red hot with Sailfish, wahoo, and tuna all making the scene for some fast action with light tackle. If your a family with kids, that’s even better, we love to take everyone of all ages out on the water, it’s a great way to spend time with the kid’s. I have been responsible for many kids catching there first fish, this is an honer and I hope to keep on teaching the sport I love best. I like to wish all a very Happy thanksgiving!  Come on down to Key West and I’ll sharpen your hook’s.  

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Hello everyone. Sitting on the boat waiting for the wind to stop. Hurricane Sandy didn’t amount to much here in Key West, just a bit of wind. I hope all you guys up north fend well. Last week my good friend and client, Jeff was here to fish, Jeff has fished with us on the Blue Eyed Trader for 5years now and is one of my regular customers. There are benefits to fishing with me a lot, he buys 3 trips and gets 1 free! Last week the weather was just perfect, light wind and sea, nice blue water off shore, so we headed west to fish some live bottom that i can usually catch 18” to 20” Yellow Tail Snapper on. An Hour into the morning we had our limit and went off looking for other fish to harass. I ran the boat out to 260 feet to look at a spot I have that holds American red Snapper and some big Grouper. I rigged the jigging rods with a 6oz, diamond jig and 40 lb fluorocarbon. The first rod down scored a nice 6plus lb red, great looking fish and hard fighting. The season was closed , but the catching was just fine, we ended up with 20 plus fish caught and released, the best thing is the red’s will return to the bottom with little or no problem.  Fantasy fest! If you have never seen a town full of crazy, naked, painted people you should!  85,000 people show up for a week long event that screams PARTY!  I for one have had my fill of the nuts, but its a must if you haven’t seen it. This year Nina will be on the back of the boat mating and helping with all the fun. Remember we are still docked at SunSet Marina, the same place we have been for the last 5 years.  I still can’t believe that were #1 on trip advisor for almost a year! Thanks to all who fished with us and left a great review, keep em coming we love it. In the last 8months we ran 120 fishing trips, we wish to keep on with the same pace. Come on down to Key West and check us out, I’ll be glad to hook you up!      

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The good old days!

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Hello all and welcome to the blog of Captain Ron. I am sitting in my camp on lake Champlain in Vermont, Here to visit my family and friends but most of all my grand babies. Love those little ones to death. Erin and Sawyer are doing well, he is finally sleeping a bit more through the night helping mom get some much needed rest. Cory and Sam are working there tails off and keeping busy with there 3 and by the way one on the way! We are happy to see every one happy in what there doing. I had a call from my Favorite cousin Tom, he lives in NJ and works selling furniture for Huffman koos, has for a long time, if any one needs a hook up call me. I told Tommy that I would tell a story about us because he reads my blogs? go figure. I know this has nothing to do with fishing but here it goes any way.  BACK when we where growing up, our Grand parents lived only a few miles from everyone, this is where we would go on holidays to meet our loved ones. I know everyone has a favorite memory, this is one of mine.  Grand pa’s house was a well appointed ranch house sitting up on a hill, I will always remember the glass ball that sat in the front yard in the garden, you know the ones I’m talk en about, you can see a funny reflection of your self. This is where we would all play on the lawn rolling down the hill, wrestling and thinking of ways to get in trouble!  TROUBLE came to us easy!  Between the fire works, knocking on doors and running, and stealing Christmas lights off the bushes we managed to find trouble, and have some fun. The best room in Gramp’s  house was the basement, when you started down the stairs, at eye level was a sign that read” Bump on head not so good” I never bumped my head but some one must have, I Will never forget that sign. When you got down to the bottem, there was  a shuffle board table it ran for about 30 feet along the left side of the room, above this on the wall were family photos, when we would ask questions about them all the elders would re live there childhood, what fun to hear all the stories and walk down memory lane. On the other side of the room  sat a pair of Wurlitzer’s jukeboxes!  Yea the real thing,  lit up and full of the great music of the time. Not sure where they ended up but would love to have one today.   If you looked in the middle of the floor, there was a tile that read” Eve& Ruth”  with a icon of a pair of white gloves and a walking cane. I loved that room!  At the far end was a stone fireplace, there is nothing like a fire on Christmas night.  The place was always the same, when you came down, Grandpa would grab you, hug you and rub his unsaved face against yours, this was always anticipated and yes always hurt, he would then offer us Ginger Ale, I will always remember his bent fingers pouring the soda for us, ah!  Great memories.  Hidden on the left side of the room was the bar, it was dated with leather bar stools and old photos of Gramps boxing days, his gloves where hanging there for posterity. Of course the room was smokey with the smell of cigars. On the opposite side of the room was an old slate pool table with tassels on each corner, I think it was off limits to us young kids, we would sneak a game when we could.The pool table corner was  where the tv sat this is where we would all sit around and watch Disney Christmas  specials. The last room was a knotty pine room with an extra bed for guest’s this is where Gramp;s would keep his hat collection, my favorite was the fire hat from the city. Thats about it for the bastment story hope it brought some old memory’s back for you. I am headed back to the Keys to start fishing again, will be ready on the 6th or 7th to take any one out, give me a call or email me at I am looking forward to a good season so come on down and I’ll sharpen your hooks for you.

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See you in October!

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Hello everyone. Just a short Blog today as I’m waiting on my last trip for the month. Nina and I are heading back up north to Vermont for a vacation. Before we know it Key West will be full of people and I’ll be fishing again. We have had a great year and hope to have the same next season. I will be back some time around the first week of October. FISHING REPORT. The past couple of weeks has been Really good fishing, as tropical storm Issac hits the gulf coast we hit the wrecks for some rod bending fun. The best fish of the week was a 21 lb Gag Grouper caught with a 6oz jig tipped with a whole Ballyhoo bounced off the bottom in 18o ft. I find this bait works well around the wreck areas. I also like to jig with a diamond jig in the water colum for the Tuna or big jacks, you never know what might hit! Well were off to the reef for some fun fishing, Nina and I will see you in a few weeks. Stay happy and remember to sharpen those hooks!

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Its a Boy!!

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Hello to all. Well that’s it I am a grandfather again!  My lovely daughter Erin gave birth to a beautiful boy, Sawyer James Cutler Martel. He was 8lbs 10oz, 22.5 ” and healthy as can be.  I wish all of you the best. The last couple of months has been busy as it can be, i have been catching tons of fish and haveing fun doing it. Nina is happy on the boat showing people how to and helping run the show. I want to thank all who joined us its been a great season. This is the time of year we get to have a break, things start to slow as hurricane season is upon us. Nina and i just returned from Vt. I think we will head there every year at this time, its so nice to see the family and enjoy the cool fall weather. Once again I got to fish with some great people thanks to Trip Advisor, it seems to bring the best clients. Last year we moved the live aboard and the fishing boat to Key West Harbour yacht club, due to a poorly run marine i moved the fishing boat back to Sunset marine. I thought we could save a few bucks and make things easier, but it turned out to be the opposite,  Sunset is the best marine in the keys. If your looking for a great marine check it out. Already booking next year! Lobster season is here and Nina is up to her catching self!  we were booked on mini season for a half fishing trip and half lobster, the clients had so much fun they booked 3 days next year. Nina showed them how to, and came back with 17 bugs to fill there limit. Well thats about all for now, hope to see ya on the back of the boat. Remember to sharpen your hooks or I’ll do it for you.      

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