Hey peeps, sorry for the delay, we have had a few changes in the last month or so and haven’t been able to think straight. First things first, My grand baby Remi, is doing well at home, but not before a visit to hell! He was born with liver issues and was operated on twice to fix them, it seems ok for the moment lets keep him in our thoughts. My mate Dustin has retired and moved back to Vt. we wish him well. Nina and i sold our house boat and bought a better live aboard and are looking forward to our new digs. LETS get to the fishing, its been really good the last few months, my trips are coming more frequently thanks to trip adviser, I did 8 last month from them alone! Thanks for the kind reviews it helps a lot so keep em coming. Dolphin season was good but still haven’t seen the 50 lb fish we so want, but we have caught some sailfish in this late season, also caught some big hammerhead sharks, if you never seen these creatures its worth the time to catch one there beautiful! a big 12 footer into my trolling spread ate the bait and took off never to be seen again, i did get the 400 yards of line back!! As always the snapper,grouper bite has been off the wall, with catches of 17 lb mutton snapper and 22lb black grouper all caught on light tackle. LOBSTER SEASON its finally here and we are looking forward to catching and eating them, now this sport is the bomb you get to snorkel,spear fish,swim,sight see,and net lobster all in one trip!!! we love it and would love to share it with all youall. Oh and yes there are barracudas and sharks swimming around with us. On July 2nd my good friends Chris and Megan were married here in key west we had a great time with them and there family, on the day of the wedding Chris ask if he could catch a tarpon from my dock were we keep our boat, I said sure, I guess its a sorta brotherly tradition to catch a fish on there wedding day, well a sight to be seen! all three bros on my boat, the rest of the wedding party filming from the dock, Chris hooks a 60 pounder its jumping all over, his brother brings it over into the boat, you should have seen Chris’s face when he grabbed the thing with two arms, like a stack of fire wood, then the tarpon smacks him on the side of his head with its tail and almost knocks him out wow!! Thanks for sharing, it was the high light of my month!!!! I wish them lots of happy,healthy years together. that’s all for now, thanks for listening and remember to sharpen your hooks.