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Blue eyed trader,year in reveiw.

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Fishing in Key West with Captain Ron. My year in review, Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. This has been a great year for us for many reasons,which i will get into here. I guess the first thing that has been just amazing is my trip advisor reviews,they continue to keep me working every week with the blue eyed trader at #2, all I can say is wow! and thanks to all that has helped. Nina my wife has been helping me by mating and running the boat, some of you may or may not know but Dustin my former mate, moved back to Vermont, I miss him as he was an amazing mate, My daughter also went home to Vermont to start a new life with Dustin which so far is going great, she is expecting my forth grand baby and we couldn’t be happier. I have been so lucky to be able to fish here in Key West with some great people, some of my clients keep coming back (you know who you are) I want to thank you guys for continuing the support of the blue eyed trader. I guess the next thing would have to be the birth of my grand baby Remington Robert LeDuc, he was born to some of the finest parents in this world, I have to say that they are all three doing great and we wish you guys the best life has to offer. Cory and his new wife Sam were married here in Key West on October 1, 20011 it was truly great day and the most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of, my grand kids were all in the ceremony and that alone was magnificent. The fish of 2011 on the blue eyed trader. I can truly say that this year was so much fun and productive, Dustin and I managed to catch some nice fish, we had a grouper release day of over 50 fish, coming home with our limit of mutton and yellow tail snapper. I took some friends out one day and we caught so many black fin tuna that the guys asked to go home early,go figure. I think the fish that stands out the most for me is the permit Dustin caught on light spinning tackle,it was 45 lbs and the biggest perm I have ever seen! Come on down to Key West and I’ll take you out and maybe we’ll catch a record fish. Most of you guys who fished with me caught the biggest fish of your lives on my boat, thanks for letting me be a part of that. Carver 36′ My new digs. We did it! we finally sold the Gibson house boat we lived in and bought a 36 aft cabin carver, its a well made vessel with lots of storage and room for plenty of people.Fishing mate wanted ! Nina just got a new job at a b&b so I’ll be looking for a new mate to help on the Blue Eyed Trader,if your in the area give me a shout. Nina’s job includes being a concierge, if you need help finding fun stuff give her a call at Courtney’s place. One more really exciting thing,my brother and his wife just moved to Big Pine Key which is going to be fun for me as he is a great fishermen. We wish them good luck in there new life. I want to thank a few people who made 2011 a great year. Marlyn E. you are a great man! thanks for sharing all you have, it has made a huge difference in our lives. Jeff H. what can I say 9 trips this year and your friendship! I can’t tell you how great it is to know you, your a great person and we all love you. I would also like to thank the captains that have taught me there trade secrets, it has made a huge difference in my ability to catch. Happy new year to all, I wish you love,health, and tight lines. Come on down to Key West,and I’ll sharpen you hooks!

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Merry christmas to all.

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Hello, welcome to fishingwithron aboard the Blue Eyed Trader.  I’d like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday. This is the time of year we all love to hate,over spending, missing people we love, and over indulgence. As we get older the spirit of the holiday changes, memories of what used to be always comes back when we hear a favorite song, or see a tree beautifully decorated.  i grew up with a large family and a dad that was always 15 years old, he would set up our house with the most amazing tree and tons of Christmas gifts, what a lucky guy i am  to have such great memories.  Fishing in Key West . Holy smokes!!   Its been a wonderful holiday season for fishing trips and they just keep coming, thanks to all for the fun times fishingwithron on the blue eyed trader. Still rocking # 2 on trip advisor!! keep the reviews coming. Gonna keep this short being its a holiday and i have gifts to open!! merry Christmas to all and to all a tight line!

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Fishing in Key West aboard the Blue eyed trader

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Fishing in Key West. Welcome to all,  How fast the time flies by? It’s the beginning of December and time for the snow birds to arrive, this is my busy season and we are as ready as ever. There are a couple of things I wanted to share,for you first timers coming to fish with me, Remember to take your sea sick meds it really helps, even if you’re not sure whether you get sick or not, take it any way. We get a lot of sea sick people on the boat and that stuff works!  It may make you feel drowsy but that’s a lot better than turning green. There are a couple of ways to enjoy the day on the water, we can fish hardcore, run way west where the fishing is the best, or we can fish family style and enjoy the ocean and the creatures that live here. I love to take  kids out and teach them how to fish.  Visiting Key West. If you’re coming here to vacation and not fish, I would be glad to help you find the great restaurants  and night life that Key West has to offer.  There are many places to eat and not all are created equal, its the same for any attractions in Key West, remember the concierge on the street, and at your hotel are making big bucks for ”so called hooking you up” they can make 30% of what ever it is your doing!  So book direct and save money, they don’t care about you, just your wallet. There are a few that are honest and will help you find the good guys, but only a few. Remember the big guy on the island who has  booths at every corner, he will take advantage of  you the most. Check out and save yourself some frustration and time.  Gratuity  Yes, we in this service industry work for tips!   This is always a hard place to go, I assume that every one knows that a tip is appropriate, in fact the mate works for tips just like a server at a restaurant. This is how I feel about tips. I think we can all agree that good service at a restaurant can make the experience memorable, even if the food was mediocre.  Poor service and good food can make the dinner a bust. This goes for any service business right?  So when we spend an hour or two with a server we like to leave 20% providing the service was good, 15% if it was just ok,  when you spend a full day with a captain and mate who by the way are responsible for your lives!  Why do people feel ok with a 5% tip or in many cases  none?  NO its not bad service, I live to take care of my clients,  just look at the reviews on trip advisor it says it all , every one a perfect score. I know that tipping the owner is a little strange and more so if the mate is my wife, but good service is good service and that can make your time on the water the best day it can be!    Winter fishing in Key west.  Ok ready?  Its starting! The sailfish should be cruising down sea looking to bust on the bait,  which is gathereing on the edge of the reef.  They will even stay around for a while as long as the bait is there. This is an easy and fun time to catch em.  Simply cruise along the edge looking for showering bait fish, cast a live or at least fresh bait in the middle of the shower and hold tight, I have caught sailfish, tuna, and even winter mahi this way,  it’s  fun and we use light tackle, 20lb. main line and 50lb leader. Come and get em and ” I’ll sharpen your hooks for ya” 

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