Offshore Fishing Trips

Offshore fishing in the in the Atlantic Ocean off of Key West is an adventure that will last a lifetime. Game fishing out beyond the beautiful barrier reef you can catch these magnificent fish:

You will use rigged baits and plugs, troll lures and live baits. Captain Ron will share his knowledge of trolling, kite fishing and live bait drifting needed to bring these fish in.

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Reef and Shipwreck Fishing Trips

Key West’s history is rich with tales of pirates and shipwrecks. There are numerous wrecks and artificial reefs that hold some of these heavy lifters

Drifting and dropping jigs or live baits over these wrecks brings up fish with shoulders off the bottom. If you can lift them. You’ll work hard to bring up fish from 200 ft or more and Captain Ron will tell you which ones to keep for dinner and which ones to release.

A mere five miles from Key West, the only living coral reef in North America is within reach in most weather. The reef provides habitat for millions of fish. With light tackle, fishing the reef turns up the greatest variety of fish of all sizes and plenty of action for all skill levels. Kids love reef fishing because of the action and the diversity of fish we bring in.

Beach Excursions

Spend the day on a remote beach on an island out in the waters off of Key West, bring a picnic and enjoy the sun, sand and water.

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Sunset Cruises

Relax and soak in the last rays of the day on the waters off of Key West.

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Snorkeling Trips

See the ocean from under the water. Check out the fish and other creatures in their habitat.

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